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Matras and Parai Tenggiri Beach - Bangka Island

Bangka island there are in Province of Bangka Belitung and one from two big island in this province. the other big island is Belitung island. By popularitas, Bangka beach can be parallel with Belitung beach. difference is, Belitung beach have prettier big stone formation. Rest, is relative look like.

One of the so much beautiful beaches in Bangka island is Parai Tenggiri Beach. Parai Tenggiri Beach is a wonderful natural panorama and very amazing who visit here. There are many rocks, like beautiful natural decorations. At the left and of the beach, there is a cluster of rocks in order to slick and called Rock Island. around this place have there are four star hotel. At night tourist can relax while enjoying delicious drink and meal while enjoying the sea waves that hit the rock. Acces to get here is via a bridge with lamp lighting along the edge of the right and the left hand.

Besides Parai Tenggiri Beach, Beaches which do not fail to respect from beach above is Matras Beach. Matras Beach located in the village of new light, Sungailiat District, adjacent to Northeast Bangka islands and is about 40 km from Pangkal Pinang City or 7 km from the Sungailiat City. Featured of this beachis beautiful white sand added with palm trees and natural river flow. Generally called as Heaven’s Beach and is the most visited beach in Bangka Regency.

From jakarta it is one hour by plane. In Bangka island there are some beach which can be made by Your vacation reference. For example, Parai Tenggiri beach, Tanjung Pesona beach, Air Anyir Beach and Matras beach.

Parai Tenggiri Beach:

Matras Beach:

After seeing picture above, do you enthusiastic to visit this island?
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